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Feb 07, 2007 · Astronaut Lisa Nowak is facing attempted murder charges after she drove nearly 1,000 miles to confront a rival for the affections of another astronaut,

A pair of Nasa astronauts were filmed as they made a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS) to work on a robotic arm. Astronauts Mark Vande Hei and Scott Tingle were tasked with swapping the hands on the Canadarm2 because the old ones had suffered from wear and tear.

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Astronauts are FIVE times more likely to die from heart disease: Massive amounts of radiation linked to cardiovascular issues. 43 per cent of deceased Apollo astronauts died from heart problems

Thirteen women qualified as astronauts in 1961. So why did they never fly in space?

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An astronaut or cosmonaut is a person trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot, or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft.Although generally reserved for professional space travelers, the terms are sometimes applied to anyone who travels into space, including scientists, politicians, journalists, and tourists.

Armageddon in real life: Nasa astronauts start training for real life mission to land on an asteroid . Asteroid mission to take place in 2020s; Mission key part of preparation for manned mission to Mars

‘RIGHT STUFF WRONG SEX’ These pioneering female astronauts missed out on their shot at space, just because of their sex

Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States, running from 1958 through 1963. An early highlight of the Space Race, its goal was to put a man into Earth orbit and return him safely, ideally before the Soviet Union.

NASA’s acting administrator hinted at the possibility of flying astronauts aboard the space agency’s new heavy-lift rocket as early as 2018

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