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Our Feather butterflies are available in many designs , starting at our smallest 3cm size , called Mini Dot Feather, through 4cm in Glitter Feather, Speckled , Orange Tip, Pastel and Wavy Tail , with 5cm in fabulous Pastel Veined , ending with our largest sized 6cm range called Tiger Veined Feather Butterflies.

Butterfly decoration – Get beautiful, decorative butterflies fittings as party and favor decoration. These handmade genuine butterflies are designed for multiple use.

Midwest Design Imports, Inc. has specialized in importing feathers, artificial birds and butterflies for both the party and craft industry for more than 16 years.

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Mini Dot small Feather Butterflies , 6 colourways as shown , approximately 30 wide x 25mm high, although the feather butterflies can vary slightly as they are handmade.

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